2020 Kawasaki KX™450

$10,275.00 $3,980.00

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  • : Moving Engines
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  • Motorcycle / Scooter
  • Off-Road

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With 2020 Kawasaki KX™450 motorcycles, the top step of the podium is within your grasp. KX450 motorcycles are infused with cutting-edge technology derived from Kawasaki factory race teams. Feel the difference of the powerful 449cc engine and lean chassis as you lead the competition. From the gate to the checkered flag, the KX450 is built to win.

Features may include:

  • Powerful 449cc 4-Stroke Engine
  • 49mm showa Coil Spring Front Fork With A-Kit Technology
  • Uni-Trak® rear Suspension

Powerful Engine

  • Built To Win

Delivering strong, responsive power, the engine of the KX™450 motorcycle features a finger-follower valve train. Crafted with the same design used by Kawasaki factory race teams, the 449cc engine produces broad torque and strong power across the entire rev range.


  • Race-Ready Suspension

49mm Showa Coil Spring Front Fork combined with A-KIT Technology deliver superb suspension and handling. Large-diameter inner tubes allow the use of large damping pistons for race-winning performance while a large-diameter front axle improves front-wheel traction. The Uni-Trak® rear suspension system ensures optimal rear-wheel traction.


  • Advanced Stopping Power

The most advanced KX™450 motorcycle yet features stopping power to match its incredible acceleration capability. Up front, an oversized 270mm Braking® petal disc with dual-piston caliper offers sharp response and a strong, consistent feel. In the rear, a large-diameter 250mm Braking® petal disc complements the front for race-ready performance.

Ergo-Fit® & Ergonomics

  • Perfect Fit

Find your best performance with the Kawasaki ERGO-FIT® advantage. Four handlebar positions and two footpeg positions allow you to tailor the KX™450 motorcycle to your body size, riding style and preference. Wide footpegs ensure excellent grip for optimum comfort and control.

Electric Start And Hydraulic Clutch

  • Reliable Starting

Conserve energy and ride smarter with an electric start and hydraulic clutch. A lithium-ion battery ensures strong and reliable starting performance, eliminating the need for a backup kickstarter. The hydraulic clutch offers a direct feel and consistent actuation even as engine temperatures rise while also offering a light pull at the lever.


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